Thursday, January 22, 2015

LIBR 200 Post 1 of 8: My Introduction

My name is Suzanne Sannwald, and throughout the next few months, I will be using this blog to share my journey in SJSU’s LIBR 200. I originally started this blog to reflect on my new career as a school librarian, and since my curent course of study directly supports this work, I think that this is a perfect outlet for these class-related posts.

As I briefly mentioned, I have been fortunate to recently start in a dream position as a high school teacher librarian. While I already had my teaching credential, I am working under an emergency teacher librarian credential with the condition that I earn proper certification within the next couple of years. In addition to completing SJSU’s Teacher Librarian program, I also plan to stay on for an additional year to earn a full MLIS. 

When I’m not at work, I spend time with my husband, my seven-year-old son, and my four-year-old daughter. We have had many pets over our years together, but currently just have one dog, one cat, and two lizards. My husband and I had always been mammal kind of people and never would have considered reptiles...until having our son who happens to adore them. I love the way that kids introduce us to so much in the world that we might otherwise overlook. I find that my kids at work and at home are always teaching me something new. I look forward to getting to know all of my new LIBR 200 classmates!

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  1. HI Suzanne!
    I'm in LIB 200 as well It's nice to (kind of) meet you. I think it's wonderful that your school is allowing you to obtain your MLIS while still working with them. It seems they have a lot of faith in you. Good luck with classes!