Thursday, March 17, 2016

PLN Journal Week 8: Media Literacy and Body Image Resources

Tuesday was a minimum day at school, and I was excited that it gave me a chance to meet with an English teacher who has been implementing a new Linked Learning Medical English course this year.

For the spring semester, she is working with students on a media literacy unit tied to body image and mental and physical health. As this is a new unit, she reached out to me, and I put together some resources. She has taken the list and gone running with it, creating some great lesson plans that she shared with me when we met.

Since media literacy a topic that is a core piece of library curriculum, as well, and since it applies to students across subjects and grade levels, I figured this would be a good opportunity to catalog some of the resources that we have found to be most helpful.

General Media Literacy:

Media Literacy and Body Image:

Stories from the News:

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