Monday, March 21, 2016

PLN Journal Week 9: Banned Books and Intellectual Freedom Resources

Last fall when I attended the California School Library Association (CSLA) Southern Region workshop, I had the opportunity to meet fellow San Jose State University School of Information classmate Korrie Krohne in person for the first time. Korrie shared some banned book trading cards that she had students make at her school. This project is one that Korrie was also recognized for by CSLA as a 2014-15 award-winning "Good Idea"!

Here are some links about Korrie's project:

As you may note in the embedded tweet above, as soon as I saw Korrie's cards back in October, I shared the idea with social science teacher Josh Reyes from my school site who had previously mentioned the possibility of doing a unit on banned books. He liked the idea of the trading cards is planning on introducing the unit in April. This will work out particularly well since Josh is planning to have students use Google Drawing, which he loves (I'm not exaggerating - check out his "I Love Google Drawing" presentation!)

In preparation for the unit, I have started to put together some resources related to the topic and am posting some of the links here since they will be useful to return to in the future, including next year during the annual Banned Books Week. I am glad that this has given me a good excuse to dig deeper into this topic, and I look forward to seeing what students create this unit!

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